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Testimonials From Our loyal Clients

Nigeria's yummiest Fruitcakes!

I must admit that I'm a repeat offender but who wouldn't be. I am yet to taste fruitcakes as moist as the ones that Sylvia bakes. Christmas no go pass me by o. Amy

Glad I tried the Swiss Meringue

When you suggested I try the swiss meringue buttercream, I was skeptical because I thought all were the same and I thought I had tasted it all 'til I had this sublime buttercream. It was so creamy, surprisingly light and not too sweet and I was truly astonished that most importantly, it is made from scratch. Hali
Best Chocolate Cakes ❤️!!

I ordered a layer cake from Knead To Rise, and it definitely did not disappoint. It was moist and the taste of chocolate was overwhelmingly good. I can't wait to buy another cake.
Amazingly Moist

The fruit cake was calling my name and of course I had to order to find out if it would be as I imagined. I have to say that the fruit cake was more than I could have asked for in looks and flavour, great job Sylvia. Will buy again, Joy M
Heavenly cupcakes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!
We ordered cupcakes from Knead to Rise and they were the best!  They looked amazing and tasted even better with the very soft and smooth icing.  If you haven't had any, you should order some today!
Best Red Velvet Ever!
The red velvet cake is to die for.  It tasted of real cocoa and it was vibrantly red and super moist. It was full of flavor and the right sweetness (not overly sweet). Go get yours - you will not regret it! Bind
What a find!
As a Brit, I never thought I would see the day when I would taste fruitcake like my mother used to make, so choffed! Nigel W
My go to
Me I have parked here o, no looking back, get ready for even more orders. May God continue to bless your business, IJN. Lola
My Husband Loved It!
Thank you for the amazing cake Sylvia, my husband absolutely loved his birthday cake. Precious
Your treat box ehn
Thank God for the valentines treat box o, my spouse loved it, saying that she hadn't see that kind before. I have given her your number o, Ifeanyi O
It's the meatpie for me
Very tasty and not too spicy, exactly how my family likes it, you must teach me how 😀. Adaora N
The Mango/Vanilla cake was bomb

I took a chance and ordered the mango and vanilla cake and was pleasantly surprised because I didn't realize you could layer cakes with freshly blended mango paste. We enjoyed every bite. Bev

Best Fruitcakes in the world


Having eaten fruitcakes from Knead to Rise, I have to say that nothing compares. On a road trip, I stopped by a fruitcake store that had been in business for over 100 years in Texas and all I can say is that Sylvia can teach them a thing or two.

Banana Cake is Fire 🔥

Not only did it taste great, it also looked amazing, I have actually never seen any other like it. Everyone loved it, thanks. Flo

Cinnamon Rolls!

If you had asked me what a cinnamon roll tasted like a week ago, I wouldn't be able to tell you but I loved what they looked like and decided to chance an order and all I can say is it tastes like a warm hug from the insides, long story short, not only do they look great, they taste great and I will be ordering again. Joe

Mother loves it!!!

The cake was absolutely stunning!
As someone who doesn't particularly like cakes because of the sweetness of the icing, my mother was pleasantly surprised by the one I ordered her for her big day and kept complimenting it saying that it is not overly sweet and that is an amazing nod coming from her. Titi

So chocolatey and Rich

Thank you Sylvia for the chocolate cake you made at short notice, it was fantastic! I wasn't expecting such a gorgeous cake. I ordered a chocolate cake that was absolutely tasty and moist, with buttercream frosting, my husband's favorite, so chocolatey and rich. we both love this cake. Cor

Birthday Girl Loved it

This cake had everybody ooh-ing and aah-ing and I must say that I don't think I have ever taken as many pictures of a birthday cake as I did with this. My daughter made sure that I cut away from the fondant decoration because she claimed the decoration hers. Expect a lot more orders from my friends and family. Cheers! Sarah

Great Design

You made my son's dreams come true. The cake was delicious and had a great design. Thank you so very much for doing my son's cake for us. We will definitely be repeat customers. April

A Hit!

Thank you, we received the cake and it looks amazing! The cake was a hit! S

Fruitcake Addict Here

I have lost count of how many times I've ordered Sylvia's second-to-none fruitcakes and I have every intention of continuing down this path. Thanks for ensuring that these are available all year round

Hunter X Hunter 

Saw the one you baked previously and decided to order one for my son, and the cake is truly good! Excellent experience, thumbs up, inviting, good to order whenever I want to spoil myself so I don't get fat. I have given my neice and friends your website and phone number.

Best Decision

Working with Knead to Rise for my son's birthday cake was the best decision. Sylvia is very talented and super easy to work with. She created the most beautiful and delicious birthday cake that was devoured by kids and adults alike. I highly recommend Knead to Ris foe all your baked needs. Sem


I just wanted to mention that the cake was fabulous and the light fruitcake was also delicious. Looking forward to my next order. Nn
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