I have been baking since the age of thirteen and have loved every moment of it, without any formal baking training, I have managed to improve my culinary skills and have decided that it is time that the world around me gets to taste my work. Having lived on three different continents, I have had the pleasure of baking with ingredients exclusive to the differing locales and have learnt to adopt new baking strategies and adapt my baking to various flavours. 


Baking is a relaxing part of my life and something I see myself doing for the foreseeable future so expect that whichever treat catches your fancy will be on offer as long as I have breath in me.


Looking forward to taking your order.

Bailey's cream cake

This 4 layer cake has 2 bailey's/chocolate layers and 2 Oreos cookies and cream layers. It is the ultimate Irish cream cake because it contains real Bailey's, no artificial flavours. It is finished with a chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and wrapped in marbled buttercream. Order one today for your loved one or for yourself.

Whimsical Easter 4 Layer cake

This four layer cake features two strawberry layers, one blueberry layer and one vanilla one. The fruity layers are filled with all natural strawberry and blueberry puree; pure white chocolate is poured over top to create subtle drips which is the crowning glory for our take on an Easter dessert.

Elegant Cookies and cream cake

This elegant, double icing cake is a chocolate lovers dream. This 3 layer cake is made up of a chocolate layer sandwiched between 2 cookies and cream layers. Adorned with gold leaf, this is a cake you have to taste to believe.

Mango-Vanilla 4 layer Cake

Summer on your tongue! This cake merges 2 flavours that scream summer and make you want to sing 🎤: with fresh mango puree placed between each layer and bejeweled with a home-made mango piping gel, this cake has no artificial flavours and is all natural. A mango lovers dream!

Galaxy cake

Speckled with edible gold luster dust for a galactic finish.

Tiered cakes

Let our multi-tiered cakes be your canvas, choose flavours, fillings and toppings of choice. The world is your oyster

Modern Galaxy cake

This is our world famous chocolate and coconut 4 layer cake, this semi-nude cake features gold drips and is filled with our signature coconut. buttercream that is like no other. You can choose to have either a white or dark chocolate sail to go with it

Meringue topped cake

This yummy birthday cake is topped with crunchy, delicious merengue kisses that not only makes it uniquely beautiful but provide a great accompaniment to the buttery cake.

Single-serve cakes

Say goodbye to traditional cupcakes and hello to our single serve cakes, they feature buttercream both within the slices and also as adornment atop. Don't let unfamiliarity keep you from a great thing.

Welcome Baby

This cute cake, topped with fondant baby booties, is the perfect cake for friends and family to feast on as you all welcome baby to the world and your home. Comes in any colour of your choosing.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls need no introduction, however, ours at Knead To Rise is like no other: they are soft, sweet, cinnamon-y and cloud-like not bread-y and heavy. Our cream cheese frosting is the perfect topping for this yummy treat.

Cake for Charity Feb ‘21

This moist 3 layer vanilla cake is a festival of sprinkles that will bring a smile to every kid (or kid-at-heart's) face.

Baby shower cake

This amazingly buttery cake is not only great for birthdays but would also be perfect to keep your guests guessing during your gender reveal parties.

Red velvet drip cake Feb ‘21

This 3 layer cake is red velvet on vanilla on red velvet basically your dream in a cake. The buttercream has strawberry puree cascading off of it.

Orang Chiffon cake

This soft, 2 layer fluffy vanilla sponge cake is filled and topped with orangey whipped cream and bejeweled with candied oranges that not only add to the flavour profile but also cleanses the palate.

Chocolate Heart Cake

This cake is a chocolate lover's dream, it is also smothered in hazelnut cream and draped with the most decadent chocolate.

Rose cake

This birthday cake is great for the 'rose' in your life: that loved one who means a lot to you. Order one today.

White and dark chocolate mousse

This triple layer mousse cake is not only a great gift for your valentine but also as a birthday cake for mousse lovers or a gift just because.

Oreo cake

This cookies and cream cake is not only topped with the world famous cookie but said cookie is incorporated into the batter and all up in the icing ;)

Cookies and cream cake

This drip cake has all the bells and whistles: pure chocolate, cookie icing, chocolate cake layers and bordered with cookie crumbs.

Chocolate rosette

This needs no words, chocolate heaven!

Chocolate and berries

This rich chocolate cake is topped with seasonal fresh fruit and shaved white chocolate, what a dream!

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