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For the man in your life


I have been baking since the age of thirteen and have loved every moment of it, without any formal baking training, I have managed to improve my culinary skills and have decided that it is time that the world around me gets to taste my work. Having lived on three different continents, I have had the pleasure of baking with ingredients exclusive to the differing locales and have learnt to adopt new baking strategies and adapt my baking to various flavours. 


Baking is a relaxing part of my life and something I see myself doing for the foreseeable future so expect that whichever treat catches your fancy will be on offer as long as I have breath in me.


Looking forward to taking your order.

King cake 2023
Flower buttercream
Math cake 2024

Express yourself using your cake as the canvass and as always, I am happy to oblige!

Barbie cake

She needs no introduction, she’s Barbie!

Spidey 2024

POW your way into your guests’ hearts with this modern rendition of Spidey.

Vanilla spidey cupcakes
Red velvet Spidey cupcakes
Chocolate Spidey cupcakes
Suit and bow tie 2024

For the distinguished gentleman

AISL prom cake 2024

There are prom cakes and then there’s THIS!

Tiffany luggage

Who knew that Tiffany luggage could be so delicious!

Book cake 2024

A fresh take on a book cake

Red velvet cupcakes
Red velvet cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes
6 vanilla cupcakes
Chevron cake 2024
Finish with a “florish”
Lemon curd filled cupcakes
Happy birthday blues

These true blues are not only beautiful but tasty, client asked for chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and I delivered!

Lemon birthday cupcakes
Mix and match cupcakes
Green is serene Birthday cupcakes

Green is definitely serene with these cupcakes, at KTR all you have to do is mention a colour and wait to be satisfied.

Blue and green cupcakes
Edible cookie dough cake

Do you love edible cookie dough? Then this is the cake for you.

Carrot cake loaves

I carrot, you carrot, we all carrot for carrot cake… or at least I think that’s how the saying goes!

White forest cupcakes

The white chocolate shavings on these white forest cupcakes are light as air and provide an extra layer of flavour that pairs perfectly with the “cherry on top”

Chocolate fudge cupcakes

These ombré cupcakes are the classy touch your event’s missing.

Fruit cake with added almond flour

Almond flour used to be an essential item in all my fruitcakes but rising costs ensure that I can only add it to your order on demand and at an additional cost. If used, the attached label will be provided to cater to those who might have family members/friends with nut allergies.

Mother’s Day Fruit Cake

Give your mother or mother-figure the gift of fruitcake


Tiramisu with a twist… nothing is ever boring at KTR

Coffee soaked lady fingers

This coffee soaked goodness is what you will find in your tasty tiramisu

Duo flavour box

Get 2 different flavours in your box of 12 cupcakes

Strawberry cupcakes
Chocolate themed cupcakes
Strawberry themed cupcakes
Chocolate fudge cupcakes
White chocolate drips

The white chocolate covered strawberries and white chocolate drips belies the fact that this is a 3 layer fruitcake filled with my delicious cream cheese filling. It’s a fruitcake alright!

Single serve Fruitcakes

These single serve fruitcakes are a favourite all year through

King cake 1

Modern safety guidelines observed as I ingeniously created an adorned edible baby and placed it in plain sight for the “King for a day”

King cake 2

King cakes at Knead to Rise are never boring,

King cake 3

My decorating genes won’t let me even when it comes to king cakes… never plain!

Lambeth heart cake

Let your Valentine know you mean it with this vintage delight

Lambeth Style Choc cake

Say it with this chocolate obsession, from fudge to dark chocolate to milk chocolate, your chocolate lovin’ taste buds will thank you for this

Lilies and Tintin

Who else loves Tintin? At KTR you can get as many of your favorite things in one cake.

Duo Mousse Cake

This is a delicious duo mousse that boasts a chocolate sponge layer under dark and white chocolate mousse, yum!

Heart-shaped Fruitcake

Say “I love you” with this 9 incher

Red Velvet/Lotus Loaf cake

Order 3 or order 10, tell loved ones how much they mean to you. Minimum order:3

Red velvet layer cake

I am famous for my MOIST red velvet cakes and this is really the star of the show. Choose frostings from cream cheese to vanilla buttercream to caramel… the world is your oyster

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls

Get these valentine’s inspired cinnamon rolls.

LOZ Mousse/Meringue

Legend of Zelda has never met a cake so good, this trio mousse delight also has a sponge bottom layer so moist that not even the strictest dieter could resist!

Marzipan/ fondant fruitcake

This fruitcake’s fondant outer layer obfuscates the yummy homemade marzipan coating that keeps the fruitcake even more moist, allowing for the perfect bite once sliced into.

Jeweled Fruitcake

These are covered in jewel-toned cherries, candied ginger and candied orange

Fondant Fruitcake

Say “Merry Christmas” with this classic fruitcake choice


Get these in any size of your choosing

Christmas cake decor

At KTR, we spare no expense when it comes to decorating your fruitcakes

Fruitcake loaves

Gift friends, family and co-workers these tasty light fruitcake loaves and leave a lasting impression

Decadent Coconut Cake

You have never had a coconut cake like this, I can assure you! Not only is coconut baked into the layers, there’s coconut milk in the buttercream and most amazing of all, it is filled with a KTR exclusive, COCONUT CURD (I repeat, you have NEVER tasted anything like it!!!)

Sunny sunflower cake

Flowers for a flower! Let your loved one know how much they mean to you with this floral delight

Brownie Squares

Have a chocolate obsession? This is not the cure …but the fuel to it

6” fruitcakes

6 inch fruitcakes are my most popular size, they sell all year long but it gladdens me that they are especially near and dear to y’all throughout the Christmas season.

Large Fruitcakes

With fruitcakes, the larger, the better!

Fruitcakes of all sizes

They come in all different sizes

Light fruitcake loaves

Who loves loaves? I know i do

Buttercream/marbled cake

Diversify your Christmas cake this year and opt for a buttercream delight

Dark fruitcake loaf

Dark fruitcake loaves have a deep richness to them that you have to try to believe

Light fruitcake loaves
Vanilla/Chocolate Marble

Have you been looking for the perfect marbling in your cakes, look no further than KTR.

Yultide Combo
Yultide Chocolate/Lotus
Yultide Light Fruitcake Loaf
Yultide Red Velvet Lotus
Yuletide Vanilla/Lotus
Christmas Treat Boxes

With so much gift-giving making the rounds this Yuletide, give without stress by opting for these beautifully packaged treats. Minimum order:10

Fudge 10 inch cake

My world famous chocolate fudge frosting can feature on any cake of your choosing, try it today!

Red Velvet/Lotus Loaf

Our red velvet cakes are to die for and by adding the Lotus cookies I am introducing your mouth to flavourtextureoverloaddeliciousyumminess! Try saying that 3 times fast

Chocolate/Lotus Loaf

KTR is constantly innovating and this is one of the examples of how. I like to play around with flavour combinations and textures and this one brings you the deep richness of my delicious chocolate cake and the light crunch of the Lotus cookie for a winning combo

Vanilla/Lotus Loaf Plain

This KTR original is packed full of vanilla goodness and the crunch of the Lotus cookies provide a textural element to the experience

Carrot Cake Loaf Cake

These carrot cake loaves are the spicy delight you are seeking

Wrapped Fruitcakes

Buy as a gift to someone or to yourself

Roblox Cupcakes

Enjoy the pixelated game as an edible delight.

Carrot cake Cupcakes

Can you guess the flavour of these? The clue is right there… any guesses?

Spaceship Cupcakes

Channel your inner astronaut for these adventurous cupcakes

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

This fudgy frosting is so good you could eat it with a spoon

Large Fruitcake
Christmas Fruitcake
Brownie box
Lemon Cupcakes
Red Velvet Oreo

This semi-naked cake might be light on frosting but is still heavy on the flavour!

KTR’s homemade Lemon Curd

Fill your lemon cupcakes or fill your cakes with this rich deliciousness

Chocolate Fudge Frosting
Choose your filling
Large Brownie Squares

Double chocolate brownies (large)

Fruitcake Loaf

You can get your fruitcakes in loaf form if you’d like

Cherry Fruitcake
Death by chocolate

Do you love chocolate? Look no further than this delicious delight

Chess cake

It’s great to not only be able to play chess but to eat the pieces too

Double choc brownies

Every bite is a taste of heaven

Paw Patrol cake

You dream it, I’ll bake and decorate it, each sculpture is handmade by me for a unique creation that only KTR provides

Semi-naked Red velvet

This cream cheese frosted red velvet layer cake is not only pretty but a moist delight

Oreo cookies and cream cupcake
Fudge frosted cupcakes
Decadent Lemon cupcakes

If you love lemon, you’ll love these because it’s lemon (lemon slices) on lemon (lemon buttercream) on lemon (lemon curd filled) on lemon (lemon cupcake), did I say lemon???

Fudge-filled cupcakes

These vanilla cupcakes are filled with chocolate fudge and topped with my signature ABC (American buttercream)

Carrot cake cupcakes

These cupcakes are topped with KTR’s signature cream cheese frosting and dusted with cinnamon powder

Fudge frosted cupcakes
Pool themed cupcake

Themed cupcakes are another way to bring your party to (tasty) life

Buoys of yumminess
Lemon cupcakes

This tangy cakes are filled with my homemade lemon curd

Pool themed cupcakes
Classic Tres Leches

Cakes are versatile and tres leches is a testament to that, this moist 3 milks cake is a melt in your mouth wonder, topped with rich, whipped double cream.

6 inch fully loaded fruitcake
Minnie’s make over
11 inch fruitcake
6 inch fruitcake
Soccer cake

This two-tier perfection is a soccer fan’s delight.

Fresh strawberry cake

This fresh and zesty cake is light and fruity and though it is subject to strawberries being available, it is a very popular choice.

Nigerian Flag cake

This is my interpretation of a Nigerian flag cake.

Independence day sheet cake

Happy 63rd Independence Day to Nigeria!

Choc cupcakes

The chocolate frosting is so good you could eat it with a spoon

Vanilla lotus cake

These single serve cakes are exactly what or says on the tin

Choc lotus cake

These combo cakes are for the adventurous

Pineapple fruitcake

This pineapple fruitcake loaf is a knead to rise exclusive

Light fruitcake loaves

These light fruitcake loaves are a good entry level for those exploring the fruitcake world, next step… traditional fruitcake

Jewel cake

These jewel cakes have only cherries and no raisins as the fruit

Vanilla lotus loaves

This loaf cake is for the vanilla cake lover who is interested in a little crunch accent

Traditional fruitcake slice

This single serve is a non-boozy traditional fruitcake option

Booth at F and F fair
Carrot cake slice

These carrot cake single serves are moist and cinnamon-y

The majestic

Let this stunner wow at your wedding!

Oreo dream cake

Do you love Oreos? This is the cake for you.

Choc combo single serves

Have you tried our chocolate-Oreos or our chocolate-Lotus single serve cakes?


Keep the pictures of your sliced in cakes coming!

Lotus choc

I love it when people order “just because” cakes, this decadent Lotus cake is just the thing!

Cascading Caramel

I love it when clients send me pics of what their cakes look like once sliced into.

Marble Marvel

Having a hard time deciding between vanilla or chocolate layers? Worry no more because our marble cakes are here to rescue you. Other flavour combinations available.

Bento cake

Have you been wanting your own individually decorated cake? Look no further than our lunch cakes, they come individually packaged and ready to delight. Order yours today

Bento lunch cakes

This is another slant on our single serve cakes and is a lunch (or any time of the day) treat that you need. It’ll put a pep in your step!

Single serve fruitcakes

I think it’s important to show you how the fruitcakes look in their mold, I intentionally overfill them so that each cake is substantial and this leaves the consumer more than satisfied.

Fruitcake is happiness
Caramel cake

This is a caramel lover’s dream, you have a choice between vanilla or caramel cake layers but one thing’s for sure, there will be caramel!…in the cake filling, buttercream and topping so fear not

Charming chocolate

This chocolate cake is covered in the smoothest, dreamiest buttercream and draped with rich chocolate ganache

Brilliant Brownies

Have you been looking for ooey gooey brownies? Look no further than our fudgy brownies! Minimum order is a box of 9 yummy squares.

King cake

This regal design brings a whole new meaning to KING cake

2 tone choc

This two-tone chocolate cake is a simple yet elegant design for your birthday layers and the buttercream is oh so yummy


Unicorns unite!

Unicorn cupcakes

These delicate unicorn cupcakes are the pop of colour needed to bring your fairytale to life

Red velvet cupcakes
Chocolate cream layers

The crunch from this brittle is what really brings this cake to life.

Freeze dried Strawberry Tres Leches

This strawberry tres leches is a thing of dreams

Chenel designer cake

This is a popular one at KTR so feel free to order it for loved ones and watch it be customized to fit your event

Brownie heaven

Order the standard 9 slice or double your order and be prepared to feast on the fudgiest, yummiest, most decadent buttery brownies that you’ve ever had!

Carrot Cupcakes
Carrot cake Cupcakes

These moist carrot cake cupcakes are topped with the most decadent cream cheese frosting, an Easter treat.

Tree of decadence

This beauty masks the yummiest carrot cake you have ever tasted.!


Is this a tree stump or a cake? call us to find out


This beautiful bouquet of buttercream is exactly what you need at your next event

Tree of yummyness
Tasty bouquet
Tasty peaks

This is our classic carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting

Fruitcake of Hearts

If you heart ❤️ fruitcakes then this is for you

Mini heart on fruitcake

Red cherries come together to form a heart ❤️


This is the perfect gift for mum!

FC single serve

These single serve fruitcakes are a yummy alternative to getting full sized cakes and everyone will be satisfied to have their own and not have to share.

Mask cake

This beauty is a show stopper

King cakes

This festive beauty is exactly what your Mardi Gras celebration needs for a big wow factor.

King cake 2023

This festive treat brings your Mardi Gras celebration to life

King Cake
Ruby red

This is what you get when you order red velvet cinnamon rolls, the most beautiful ruby red treats.

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls

These red velvet cinnamon rolls were created for Val’s, however, they are available all year long.

Red Velvet Sweetheart Cake

This sweet surprise is filled with orange curd buttercream that you have to taste to believe. Order one this valentine’s season for you special loved one and the best part is the price.

Valentines Fruitcake

This heart shaped beauty will tell your loved one all they need to know about your feelings towards them

One Punch Man cake

This is an anime lovers dream, being their favorite characters to life in this Swiss meringue buttercream cake.

Marzipan/fondant cake

This is the ultimate traditional cake, under the beautiful fondant decor is the most decadent marzipan that encases the most moist, traditional fruitcake. An order will convince you.

Haikyuu cake

Here’s another anime cake for ya, this gives you an idea of what you could get once a character cake is ordered.

Christmas Buttercream cake

Christmas cakes are quite versatile and this is just another way to order your Christmas cake. Our buttercream is no joke and is so creamy that you might only want to order your fruitcakes this way.

Fruitcakes 2022

These delectable treats are exactly what you need this Yuletide

Single serve platter

This is quite self explanatory

Single serve cakes

Customize your order by choosing multiple flavours, minimum order is 6 same flavours.

Chevron character cake

Let us bring your company event to life with our beautifully decorated cakes

Floral carrot cake

This moist treat is just exactly that… A TREAT!

Ultimate Attack on Titan Cake

For you anime lovers, this is the ultimate AOT cake; it features Swiss meringue buttercream that has been coloured to mimic the sky and overall atmosphere of the series, it is also dotted with eye-catching images that bring the cake alive. Order yours today!

AOT Side image 1
Attack on Titan side image 2
Sensory AOT cake

This cherry blossom inspired version of an Attack on Titan cake is another take on the series for those more optimistic viewers. Order yours today!

AOT side 1
AOT side 2
Ultimate Chocolate cupcakes

Who knew that chocolate on chocolate cupcakes could be elegant, well.. here you are.

Traditional Fruitcakes

Available all-year round! Feel free to order 1 or more for you and your loved ones and you’ll appreciate why I’m called the fruitcake genius.

Flower cupcakes 3
Flower cupcakes
Rosette flower cupcakes

Order these in any colour or theme you’d like

Topped Muffins

Sometimes all you need is some muffins, simple flavours with not much fuss. A favorite, especially for the kids

Sunflower sunrise

You won’t believe that under all this beauty is the most decadent fruitcake. Fruitcakes are versatile and let us show you how

Edible cookie dough cake

This behemoth of edible cookie dough perfection is for those that know the awesome-ness of cookie dough. Not only is there cookie dough on the outside, cookie dough is baked into the vanilla layers and the best part is that the frosting is a Swiss meringue one so the flavours are smooth and subtle

Music keys fault line cake

This is just what your sonorous creative need to bring their celebration alive. The content of the fault line can be customized to fit your needs.

Cookies and cream
Vanilla Cake-reos

Cake-reos come in both vanilla and chocolate or whatever flavour you would like.


This is an invention I call cake-reos, the name speaks for itself

Patriotic butterflies Cake

This beautiful and creative cake is what you can expect when you order from KTR because creativity is what we are known for.

Nigerian Map Cake

Bring your independence celebration alive with this beauty.

New York Cheesecake

Let your tastebuds take a trip to New York while seated in your favorite chair, let this baked cheesecake do the trick.

Epic Lemon Torte

This zingy torte is perfect for that lemon lover in your life; baked from scratch and the best part is my home-made lemon curd, this is all topped with the most delicious candied and fresh lemons.

Patriotic cupcakes

Arise, O compatriots!


Get your green, white, green on!

Patriotic cupcakes

Every independence celebration needs these fancy cupcakes.

Piano keys cake

This musical fault line cake is exactly what the sonorous creative in your life needs to bring the party alive.

Harry Potter 3 tier extravaganza

This show stopper is exactly what your loved one (or you) is hoping to wow guests with. Choose your layer flavours for a party in your mouth.

Cape shirt cake

This 6 inch cake is a statement in itself.

Nerdy Book Cakes

Can you guess the theme of this cake? Does Hogwarts ring a bell?

Book of monsters cake

This ghoulish cake is so realistic and the best part is that all the elements are edible. Your guests will have fun eating the teeth and other parts.

Regal book cake

This embellished book cake is perfect for your voracious reader.

Designer light up cake

This KTR exclusive is a classy cake that’s just what you need to wow your guests at your special occasion

Designer monogrammed cake

This beautiful cake is fit for that special woman in your life


A Knead to Rise original fondly called ‘The Fruitnut’: this a cross between a light fruitcake and a donut, baked to perfection. Genius, right? Order yours today


You wouldn’t believe me when I say these doughnuts are baked, but they are! Not only are they a healthier alternative to the deep fried ones but they are, dare I say, tastier. Order your box of 12 today


Our fruitcakes are not just for holidays, birthdays and big events; you can order one just for the sake of it or like this one: to send a special message to “that special somebody”

Crayola Cake

Give your loved one the gift of an amazing graduation cake.

Designer flower cake

This delicate designer flower cake will add class, elegance, pizazz and will brighten up any celebration

Divo cake

This cake is fit for the man in your life who’s celebrating a significant milestone. Let this concrete cake bring his big day to its peak.

Frozen 2022

Who says you need Anna and Elsa on your cake for it to scream FROZEN

Unicorn over the Rainbow Cake

This fun cake is exactly what your little one’s party needs to bring all their childhood fantasies alive.

Rosette drape cake

This regal rosette cake will dazzle at your event, order one today

Pink paradise

This 10”, 4 layer buttercream dream is one more famous offerings; you can get it in any colour and for all ages. It can be overstated (with a multitude of decorations) or understated (sparsely decorated) to suit your celebratory needs.

Easter Cupcakes

These strawberry filled cupcakes are both sweet and tangy

2 Tier image cake

Let us bring the much needed pizazz to your celebration with this beautiful cake

Simnel Cake

This is another take on the traditional fruitcake, it is widely enjoyed in the UK and Ireland, you certainly have to taste it believe how great this is. The clincher is the marzipan, nuff said!

Diva Duo cake remix

This 4 layer cake boasts red velvet and vanilla sponges that are filled with caramel buttercream and the best part is that the frosting is dual flavoured

Black Ice Royalty Cake

This 5 layer cake is a mix of vanilla and chocolate layers, filled with caramel frosting and draped with chocolate flavored black buttercream icing. this cake will leave your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing, order yours today!

Dainty Rose Swiss cake

This delicate four layer cake is pure class and elegance expressed in a simple yet delicate way. Wow your guests with this and the best part is that the Swiss meringue buttercream that drapes it is to-die-for!

Hunter X Hunter remix

I love it when my customers find something in my portfolio that catches their fancy and I have a great time recreating it and more importantly, putting a fresh spin on a former idea!

9” Heart-shaped FC

This beautifully adorned fruitcake is a gift that your loved one will appreciate any time of the year.

Among Us Themed Cake

This is one of our Swiss meringue buttercream themed cakes and this is just to give you an idea of the span of creativity that can be achieved using this delicious option

Hunter X Hunter cake

This 3 layer cake boasts both chocolate and cookies and cream cake layers, filled with a condensed milk frosting that's topped with oreos

KTR Rich Fruitcake 2021

This rich fruitcake requires no words... once you taste it, you'll understand why.

Chocolate on Chocolate cake

This is a chocolate lover's dream: The cake layers themselves are chocolate. the filling is a condensed milk one, topped with malteasers and then this is all draped with the yummiest swiss meringue buttercream and then decorated with Kitkats and Cadbury's Dairy Milk... so like I said, a chocolate lover's dream!

KTR Loaf Cakes

This is what “Ebony and Ivory” means to me! The contrast in look and flavor is exactly what your tastebuds need so order a pair today

Mini cake Trio

Sometimes 1 cake is not enough, you need 3. These mini cakes make it easy for you to appear magnanimous.

9.5” Ultimate Fruitcake

Knead I say more…

Epic chocolate and strawberry cake

This is the chocolate and strawberry cake of your dreams, nuff said!

Bailey's cream cake

This 4 layer cake has 2 bailey's/chocolate layers and 2 Oreos cookies and cream layers. It is the ultimate Irish cream cake because it contains real Bailey's, no artificial flavours. It is finished with a chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and wrapped in marbled buttercream. Order one today for your loved one or for yourself.

Elegant Cookies and cream cake

This elegant, double icing cake is a chocolate lovers dream. This 3 layer cake is made up of a chocolate layer sandwiched between 2 cookies and cream layers. Adorned with gold leaf, this is a cake you have to taste to believe.

Solo Fruitcakes

Another KTR exclusive!!! These solo light fruitcakes allow you enjoy a sizable slice all to yourself. You can get them in the shape of a triangle or a rectangle and best part is that they are packed full of a variety of dried and candied fruits but contain no nuts unlike our traditional fruitcake offering which is packed full of almond yummyness. Enjoy one today.

2 Tier Rosette Butterfly Cake

This 2 tier masterpiece is exactly what you need to add pizazz to any occasion. Not only is it draped in the most luscious Swiss meringue buttercream, each tier has 6 layers of any combination of exquisite KTR sponge of your choosing. It can also have 3 tiers if you so choose.

Christening Cake

Eventhough the celebrant in question might not be able to eat the cake because their a baby, you and the attendees will appreciate a cake that honours the ocassion in both looks and taste.

ABC (American Buttercream) character cake

This serves as an example of what is achievable when you order our American buttercream canvas for your chosen character cake. This canvas could be made plain, speckled, ombred, made to look like watercolour or textured, you pick.

Whimsical Easter 4 Layer cake

This four layer cake features two strawberry layers, one blueberry layer and one vanilla one. The fruity layers are filled with all natural strawberry and blueberry puree; pure white chocolate is poured over top to create subtle drips which is the crowning glory for our take on an Easter dessert.

Fondant Character cake

The world is your oyster when you chose our fondant covered cakes as your canvas. take note that additional custom decorations attract a cost, however, we can work with your budget to bring you designs to life.

10 inch Rosette Queen/King cake

This cake has 6 layers and can be made to fit your queenly or kingly needs.

Banana Cake

This is the banana cake cake to end all banana cakes! It is moist and full of raisin-y goodness, it also looks amazing and a hit for banana lovers.

Super Hero Cake

Who's your favourite super hero, name them and you've got it (on your cake, that is!).

Mango-Vanilla 4 layer Cake

Summer on your tongue! This cake merges 2 flavours that scream summer and make you want to sing 🎤: with fresh mango puree placed between each layer and bejeweled with a home-made mango piping gel, this cake has no artificial flavours and is all natural. A mango lovers dream!

Galaxy cake

Speckled with edible gold luster dust for a galactic finish.

Tiered cakes

Let our multi-tiered cakes be your canvas, choose flavours, fillings and toppings of choice. The world is your oyster

Modern Galaxy cake

This is our world famous chocolate and coconut 4 layer cake, this semi-nude cake features gold drips and is filled with our signature coconut. buttercream that is like no other. You can choose to have either a white or dark chocolate sail to go with it

Meringue topped cake

This yummy birthday cake is topped with crunchy, delicious merengue kisses that not only makes it uniquely beautiful but provide a great accompaniment to the buttery cake.

Single-serve cakes

Say goodbye to traditional cupcakes and hello to our single serve cakes, they feature buttercream both within the slices and also as adornment atop. Don't let unfamiliarity keep you from a great thing.

Welcome Baby

This cute cake, topped with fondant baby booties, is the perfect cake for friends and family to feast on as you all welcome baby to the world and your home. Comes in any colour of your choosing.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls need no introduction, however, ours at Knead To Rise is like no other: they are soft, sweet, cinnamon-y and cloud-like not bread-y and heavy. Our cream cheese frosting is the perfect topping for this yummy treat.

Cake for Charity Feb ‘21

This moist 3 layer vanilla cake is a festival of sprinkles that will bring a smile to every kid (or kid-at-heart's) face.

Baby shower cake

This amazingly buttery cake is not only great for birthdays but would also be perfect to keep your guests guessing during your gender reveal parties.

Red velvet drip cake Feb ‘21

This 3 layer cake is red velvet on vanilla on red velvet basically your dream in a cake. The buttercream has strawberry puree cascading off of it.

Orang Chiffon cake

This soft, 2 layer fluffy vanilla sponge cake is filled and topped with orangey whipped cream and bejeweled with candied oranges that not only add to the flavour profile but also cleanses the palate.

Chocolate Heart Cake

This cake is a chocolate lover's dream, it is also smothered in hazelnut cream and draped with the most decadent chocolate.

Rose cake

This birthday cake is great for the 'rose' in your life: that loved one who means a lot to you. Order one today.

White and dark chocolate mousse

This triple layer mousse cake is not only a great gift for your valentine but also as a birthday cake for mousse lovers or a gift just because.

Oreo cake

This cookies and cream cake is not only topped with the world famous cookie but said cookie is incorporated into the batter and all up in the icing ;)

Cookies and cream cake

This drip cake has all the bells and whistles: pure chocolate, cookie icing, chocolate cake layers and bordered with cookie crumbs.

Chocolate rosette

This needs no words, chocolate heaven!

Chocolate and berries

This rich chocolate cake is topped with seasonal fresh fruit and shaved white chocolate, what a dream!

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